Collaboration/Working together. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many outstanding artists and writers to produce some fine work. They include: Keith Aoki, Bob Barry, Jeff Bruner, Hollis Frampton, Tim Grajek, Ed Hettig, Lucy Lippard,  Scott MacDonald, Bob Morris, Bud Panzera, Hank Stahler, Twyla Tharp,  and more!

But, here, I’d like to focus on the work Carol Kinne and I have done over the past four decades.

Carol Kinne is one of the many outstanding artists (often women) whose work has been overlooked. She has worked in painting, sculpture, printmaking, film, photography and now computer generated art. (Visit her website

We were colleagues at Hunter College and eventually became a “team”.

EPHEMERA:Bob and Carol at Utica College / 1982
Buttons, Postcards etc.

96 Grand Street, NYC, 1978
Utica College, Utica, NY 1979
Gallerie Arnaud LeFebvre, 2 person shows

Columbus, New York

“Third One Year Movie” 1972-73
“Accentuate The Positive” 1973
“Beautiful Movie” 1973-74
“Diary Film #4” 1973-74
“Diary 1974-75” 1974-1978
“Face of Faces” 1976
“Fades and Close-ups” 1978
“China 1978” 1978
“Super 8 Diary” 1979-1980
“Erotic Trilogy” 1979-80
“Cum Foo” 1980-81
“Diary 1980” 1980-82
“Doctor Fautus’ Foot Fetish” 1981-82

Samplers” – 2014

With Cameleons – #1 Roadie and Performer –  1980-1990

Red Classic Series
Masks II

“No Nukes”, “Ground Zero”
” Spaceland”

Robert Huot and Edward Hettig – 25 years of Collaboration

Robert Huot and Edward Hettig began collaborating in the early 1990’s.They met through local events and related concerns. Hettig headed the marketing at Golden Artist Colors during the 1990’s and lived in New Berlin.

They intially were involved in an economic development group called The Central Unadilla River Valley Economic Development (C.U.R.V.E.D) Team. Their mission was to promote and pair the area’s bucolic rural environment with smaller, sustainable enterprises to increase commerce. Another key initiative was to identify what the current commerce activity and support the community by identifying their property and business on a large town map and publishing a business directory for the benefit of the residents.

Along the same lines Huot and Hettig pioneered other projects as members of the Chenango County Agriculture Development Council, a Cooperative Extension outreach group based in Norwich, New York. This included starting Farmer’s Markets in Sherburne and New Berlin, New York as well as supporting a project called “Chenango Bounty” that provided access to local produce, baked items, meats and other local products.

For another project, Huot purchased cheese making equipment to make “Chenango Cheese” and worked with Hettig for marketing the brand. Initially they worked with Cornell University and SUNY Morrisville to research and develop the recipe for recreating a famous old regional cheese called “Pineapple Cheese”. (Which proved too labor intensive and costly.) The duo successfully made “Chenango Jack”, Cheddar and fresh cheese curds. Some of the original batches made at the SUNY Morrisville dairy incubator were stored for several years in the cellar at Bob’s Farm, aka “Bob’s Cheese Cave”. These cheeses were indeed sharp and tasty!

Through the 2000’s Huot and Hettig collaborated on this website, and a number of smaller bumper sticker designs featuring Huot and Kinne’s “Samplers” paintings, like “Sustainable Selfishness” or designs like “Mother Earth is Pissed. They also addressed social issues with bumper stickers and postcards such as “Mother Nature Makes No Deals”, “Net Netrality”, and “Pee in their Tea”.

The most ambitious project to date was founding Alexander/Heath Contemporary, LLC, a contemporary art gallery in Hettig’s new city of residence, Roanoke, Virginia in 2015. The gallery’s name was formed from their respective middle names. Huot’s massive Triangle paintings were featured in the inaugural exhibition. The gallery has featured 40 exhibitions from artists around the world. The gallery is renovating a new downtown space and will move into their new quarters in 2021 with an expanded vision of contemporary art including film and performance.