The Icon Series

The paintings in the Icon Series were inspired by an individual, an idea, or an aspect of our culture. The first painting of the Icon Series was The Venus of Willendorf. — RH

Post Atomic

Everything seems to be neo or post something else: Neo-Classic, Neo-Gothic, Post-Impressionist, Post-Modern, etc. These paintings were MADE in the post atomic ERA and are characterized, in part, by big particles. Often the central form is bombarded by these big particles and struggles to emerge. Possibly I’ve been permanently altered for having looked too long at precipitated chunks of silver nitrate dancing – interrupting beams of strong artificial light. — RH

Homage Series

I’ve been influenced by many people, events, and artists. With artists it’s not always the look of the work, but rather the position taken or the impact of the ideas. — RH

DF or Double Figure Series

All plastic art is in some sense abstraction. The need to alter, simplify or elaborate on a subject is a major element in the history of art. Among the reasons for traditional abstraction (from the figure for example), are inspiration and the invention of new suggestive and powerful forms. But, under it all, there is a structure that seems essential – fundamental – composed of a basic building block – a molecule – a cell – DNA, The equilateral triangle has become that for me. — RH


Tornado Series

It is amazing that such a dynamic force can take such a specific form – those huge triangular cones of energy crashing across the landscape. — RH


Usually the titles of my paintings and films come after the works are completed. Sometimes they are puns: sometimes descriptive; often dedicated to friends. — RH


Signs and Measures