4 Carols+ by Robert Huot and Carol Kinne“4 Carols + has a long history and at least three outcomes. The 4 Carols are silhouettes of Carol painted in the four visual primaries (red, yellow, blue, and green) and the “+” is photographic images of Carol with the paintings. The stretchers of the paintings are Carol’s height and width (68 x 22) and were built by Carol in the early 1970’s for a four panel abstract painting that she later destroyed One of the outcomes of 4 Carol’s + is the four painted panels with a full size photo of Carol. The second outcome is this piece composed of 25 images selected from the 200 images we made this summer (2006). The third outcome is a computer animation made up of most of the original images.”

Robert Huot and Carol Kinne  / 2006