1966 National Endowment for the Arts, Painting

1977 National Endowment for the Arts
Visual Arts in the Performing Arts:
Twyla Tharp Dance Foundation and Robert Huot

1984-85 PSC BHE CUNY Research Award

1986-87 PSC BHE CUNY Research Award

1998 SOS Grant, UCCCA and NYFA
(Special Opportunity Stipends is a project of the New York Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with the Upper Catskill Community of the Arts.)


"War" with Robert Huot and Robert Morris - 1963


1963 War with Robert Morris, Judson Memorial Church, New York, New York

1968 Angry Arts, Hunter College, New York, New York




1965-70 Co-producer, Designer of Sets, Costumes, and Properties,

Twyla Tharp Dance Co., New York, New York
1980 Sets and appearances with Twyla Tharp Dance Co.,
Dayton, Ohio and New York, New York




Robert Huot & Carol Kinne, China 1978
Huot & Kinne, China 1978


Fritz Bultman Show Catalog


1978 New York Artists and Writers Tour of China
1979 Production of “No Nukes is Good Nukes” poster.

January-February 1980 Exhibited in New York City subways

1983 Production of “This is Ground Zero” poster New York, New York Edition.
Exhibited in New York City Subways July-August, 1983

1984 Production of “This is Ground Zero” poster
Utica, New York Edition. Benefit Peter Watkins’
“War Game 2” project.

1987 Curator, Fritz Bultman Exhibition, Gallery,
Hunter College, New York, New York