Robert Huot - Still from"Snow"(M)other Natures: Contemporary Art from the Collection

 Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute – July 23 through January 5 – Curator Mary Murray

The museum of the Art will showcase more than two dozen works of art that address the theme of nature in the exhibition (M)other Natures, on view in the Otto Meyer Galleries in the Fountain Elms, through January 5. All of the material on the view is from the Museum’s remarkable holdings of contemporary art. The show examines phenomena including wildfires, animal and plant life, and humankind’s interaction with nature. There are also works of art in which nature is used symbolically to address human concerns.

(M)other Natures features works of art in all media, from traditional drawing and watercolor to painting, sculpture, and video. Some pieces, including Robert Huot’s film, Snow, 1971, are recent acquisitions that will be presented to the public for the first time. Other artists represented in the exhibition include Dale Chihuly, Mary Lucier, Ann Messner, Dorene Quinn, and Theodoros Stamos.